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  • 48 hours

    in Batman

    First Day

    You can start your first day in Batman by visiting the world's and Türkiye's extremely import and valuable Archeological Site of Hasankeyf. You have to visit the Citadel of Hasankeyf, and the cave houses in it, and the deep and imposing canyons. Then you can continue to the Arkeopark in the Hasankeyf district in order to make a time travel to the Middle Ages, where you will see the Tomb of Zeynel Bey, built by the sultan of the Aq Qoyunlu for his son; the Artuklu Hamamı (Artuqid bath); and the İmam Abdullah Zawiya, the Kızlar (Eyyubi) Mosque, the Süleyman Han Tomb, the Er-Rızk Mosque, and the third of the citadel gates, the Middle Gate, which all reached our times from the period of the Ayyubids; and the Koç Mosque from earlier periods.  And you can visit the Hasankeyf Museum next to the Arkeopark to admire the finds from archaeological excavations in the area. The Mor Kiryakus Monastery at the far end of the Turabidin region is considered sacred by Assyrian Christians, and has an important place among the nearly 80 churches and monasteries in this region. And if at the end of your trip you come across the Batman Hasankeyf Culture and Art Festival, then you should not miss it.

    Second Day

    You can start the second day of your trip with a visit to the Batman Museum and Museum Park, which exhibit more than 500 artifacts on a wide range of history from the Palaeolithic Period to the Middle Ages. Later you should see the Hızır Bey and İbrahim Bey mosques in the Kozluk district. Afterwards, you can visit one of the icons of Batman, the Kandil Castle, the Pertükan Castle and the Rabat Castle. And if you want to enjoy the natural areas and the pure nature of Batman, you can go to Sason, which is blessed with all the beauties of nature, and which is full of flowers and plants in all the shades of colours, smiling at you in between the steep and rugged cliffs. The Sason River, with its dizzying speed, always provides an ideal place for rafting-fans during this season. You complete your second day at the Tigris River and its tributaries, the Batman and Garzan Rivers, which offer opportunities for sport fishing, and the Mereto, Aydınlık and Raman mountains, which offer opportunities for hiking and winter sports.