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    Batman Hasankeyf Culture and Art Festival

    The three-days Batman Hasankeyf Culture and Art Festival takes place in early October and is organised by the Batman Municipality.

    During the Batman Hasankeyf Culture and Art Festival, the districts Batman and Hasankeyf are full of concerts, exhibitions, conferences and many other events.

    Walnut and Honey Festival

    Another festival preferred by visitors, who are gourmets, is the Walnut and Honey Festival in the city of Batman. As is obvious from its name, this festival is ideal for those who are fond of honey and nuts. The festival is held at the Sason River between September 27 and October 2.   This festival aims at introducing the Sason honey and Sason walnuts produced in the region to the locals and visitors from outside the city. Over the years the festival became a tradition in the area, and has an important place in the promotion of the flavors produced in the city.

    Mereto Plateau and Helkis Festivities

    The main theme of the Mereto Plateau Helkis festivities, held on May 16 every year, is the “Noah's Flood”. Prophet Noah, who has a significant status in all three major religions, built an arch upon the order of Allah. According the divine inspirations, he takes a pair of every animal and the people to his arch. It is believed that Prophet Noah passed by the Mereto Mountain with his arch until the waters retreated. Every year, the Mereto Mountain, which is subject to this narration, welcomes people to celebrate this event.