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    Yoğurtlu Leben

    Batman's local soup, the yoğurtlu leben, is one of the most popular soups in the city. tine dumplings made of fine cracked bulgur are boiled in water and added to the soup, which is cooked with garlic, yoghurt and oil. It is a pretty satisfying meal.

    Ayran Çorbası

    It is one of Batman's satisfying but light soups, due to its ingredients. It can be served hot or cold, and due to the contained pulses, it is a very satisfying meal, like the main dish. It is a delicious appetizer.

    Kaburga Dolması

    In Batman you will eat the best stuffed ribs ever. The most important feature of kaburga dolması (stuffed ribs) is the soft lamb meat that melts in the mouth - like turkish delight. The stuffed ribs -filled with iç pilav, rice with spices- have an amazing appearance. Appealing both to eye and the palate, this is a meal that you must taste when you are in Batman.

    Şam Böreği

    Şam böreği is probably one of the most popular delicacies on our list of regional dishes of Batman. This pastry is also known as Sembusek in some regions, and is one of the most popular elements on the tables in cities like Batman and Mardin. Those who like pastries will love the flavor of this hand-stretched dough filled with ground meat. It is baked either in a pan or an iron plate and is must to taste.

    Mumbar Dolması

    If you are one of those who like flavors made with giblets, then you will like Batman's regional cuisine speciality, the Batman style mumbar dolması (stuffed intestines). This meal, which is made with bowels from lamb, beef or goat is stuffed with different fillings in various regions. The mumbar dolması is stuffed combines various flavors, ranging from potatoes, onions, ground meat, to basil, and is cooked in a pot.

    Batman Style Kütülk

    One of the regional delicacies of Batman made of bulgur is the Batman style kütülk. You will come across this dish in every house in Batman. Finely grounded bulgur is processed to dough and rolled out to small dumplings, then filled with ground meat and rice. The dough is then folded up and cooked in boiling water. It is similar to the famous içli köfte. The kütülk is doused with hot butter before serving. It is a quite nice option for those who like to try different tastes.

    Kışlık Dolma

    Vine leaves, kale leaves, dried pepper, etc... Everything can be stuffed. And Batman has a big variety of stuffed meal to offer. Kışlık dolması, stuffed food, is very common in the eastern regions. It is a mixed plate, ranging from stuffed kale leaves to dried eggplants, offering a combination of 4-5 different stuffed food. The filling is made of rice, with abundant spices, and homemade tomato and pepper pastes.


    This amazing vegetable dish is a variant of a stew. Every region has its own recipe.  Cubed of chicken or meat are combined with various vegetables, ranging from eggplants to tomatoes, which makes it a very delicious and satisfying meal. Its high nutritional value and healthy ingredients make the tırşık a special dish at dinner, which is best accompanied by yoghurt.


    This dessert, can be find under many different names across Türkiye, such as haşıda, hasuda and havdel, which is made with few ingredients, only flour and molasses. In Batman it is known as havdel. The dessert is prepared by toasting flour in butter and then adding molasses according the desired consistency, a more or less fluid consistency. You can have this delicacy, best accompanied by fresh brewed tea, in Batman, or easily prepare it by yourself.

    Bayram Tatlısı

    The last item on our list of Batman's regional dishes is this festive dessert, which is made with walnut-filled handmade dough. The small dough pieces are then baked in the oven, then drenched with syrup. It is one of the basics on bayrams (feasts) and weddings.