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    Weaving is one of the most important traditional handicrafts in Batman and its region.  During the period when weaving factories were not yet developed, the people living in the caves within the castle in the Hasankeyf district were weaving on their hand looms the transparent fabric, which is called "şile bezi" today. Until about 70 years ago, this weaving-handicraft business was conducted by the people in Hasankeyf in over 300 looms and provided for the people. Today there are only about 5-6 masters conducting this handicraft in Hasankeyf. Needlework, lace, embroidery on canvas, knitting wool socks, pullovers and similar knitting works is still very common and conducted by the women of Batman in their homes.  Weaving in Batman has become a major industry. The woven carpets and rugs are marketed domestically and internationally.

    Handmade Dolls

    It is one of the oldest handicrafts found in many regions of the world by using leftover material in order create toys for children. The art of handmade dolls, which is part of the long history of mankind, where technology was not develop, and the material was obtained by hand, has an important place in cultures. This folkloric element today has a concrete task of promoting folk culture. The art of making dolls is masterly executed in Batman, and is one of the crafts representing the city.

    Telkâri (Filigree)

    Telkâri is created by joining together thin threads of silver. For Telkâri, thin parts and tiny balls are cut from thin threats or plates of gold or silver with special tools in order to create a one piece ornament. The same effect can be achieved through twisting together one or more threads of the same thickness. Telkâri is an art performed entirely by hand. For this purpose, the threads are twisted together to form oval or circular or other shapes. Telkâri art dates back to 3000 BCE and emerged in the Middle East. It was applied on a wide range of areas. Telkâri is a silver processing art belonging to the Mardin region, which spread its to surrounding provinces. Today Batman is one of these provinces. Throughout history, the art of Telkâri became specific to the Southeast region.

    Woodcarving Art

    It is a long and laborious task until wood turns into various works in the hands of a master. The most important tool in making a bird-cage is a fretsaw. Working with the fretsaw requires a lot of patience and attention. The tiniest mistake is irreparable. Therefore, love and passion and of course choosing the correct piece of wood is a prerequisite. Generally sturdy and processable wood has to be chosen.

    Mainly walnut, beech, and mahogany are used for this work. The wood is kiln-dried andthan processed by firstly drawing the appropriate motifs on it. The construction of a bird-cage can last days or even weeks. "Pyrography or pyrogravure", the art of decorating a piece of wood through applicating burning marks with hot metal pen on the wood, or "gourd art", which can be evaluated in a separate category, are various handicraft arts to produce decorations for homes and businesses since ancient times.