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    The Sason River

    The Sason district has received all shares of the beauties of nature. Flowers and plants in all shades of colors smile between the steep and rocky hills, filling one's heart with joy.
     Another pleasure to be experienced in this region are wild waters of the Sason River (Sason Deresi) in March and April, winding down to the lowland. The Sason River, with its dizzying speed, always provides an ideal place for rafting-fans during this season. If you want to have full adventure along a 30 km trail through deep canyons created by the thousands of years of water flow, then you should definitely come to the Sason River.

    The Batman and Garzan Rivers

    Additionally, there are places and areas for cave tourism, sport fishing, trekking and hiking, and other outdoor activities, full of wildlife in the Batman province. There are both, natural and man-carved caves in the Hasankeyf district and its countryside. The Tigris River and its tributaries, the Batman and Garzan Rivers (Batman ve Garzan Nehirleri) offer opportunities for sport fishing. And the Mereto, Aydınlık and Raman mountains offer opportunities for hiking and winter sports. In addition, it is also possible to see each of the 700-year oriental planes, oaks, terebinth and walnut trees in the countryside of the districts of Gercüş, Sason and Hasankeyf.